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Playground Rules and Regulations

Our play equipment were designed and carefully chosed by experts to help reinforce a child's motor skills.
More especially with the toys that would need actions in playing,
the basic 36 movements that should be acquired during children's developmental stage will be well-developed.

Our play equipment were also designed to develop emotional and cognitive skills.
Through our playground and events they will acquire communication skills and would be able to learn to follow simple rules.
We offer toys and play equipment from Japan and some European countries that could improve intellectual and emotional skills.

For your convenience and safety, all clients are required to observe the following "Rules and Regulations" at all times.

  1. All children within the premises must be accompanied by a Guardian, i.e., a parent or a companion who is eighteen (18) years old or above.
  2. The Guardian must supervise the child and is responsible for the child’s behavior and compliance with kidzooona’s Rules and Regulations at all times.
  3. Running inside the play area must be avoided at all times, as this may lead to injury.
  4. Guardians are requested to immediately take action to end any violent or unruly behavior of the children, which may lead to their injury or that of other children within the play area.
  5. To prevent injuries and damage to clothing, sharp accessories must be removed before admission into the play area.
  6. Personal items should be stored in the lockers, which are provided free of charge. Any loss or damage to the locker or the locker key shall be charged to the customer. Deposit of valuables inside the lockers is totally at the risk of the user of the lockers.
  7. Should you need to temporarily leave the play area, please observe kidzooona’s rules for re-entry.
  8. Guardians are requested to follow all instructions and notices from the play area’s facility staff.
  9. Children above twelve (12) years old are not allowed to enter the play area.
  10. For our customers’ safety, children who are suffering from flu, cough, colds, and skin diseases, or are afflicted by other injuries and infectious diseases are requested to postpone their visit to our play area. In the exercise of prudence, kidzooona may refuse admission for this reason.
  11. Guardians are requested to refrain from actions that might inconvenience other customers, such as loud and improper language or sleeping in the waiting area.
  12. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the play area and must be done only in the designated areas.
  13. Strollers are not allowed inside the play area. For the customers’ convenience, a stroller storage is provided.
  14. Socks are required inside the playground at all times.
  15. Customers are requested to help maintain the cleanliness of the play area. Leaving trash and spitting within the play area are prohibited. Customers may use the mall’s restroom, if necessary.
  16. Toys and other equipment in the play area are for use within the play area only and may not be taken out of the play area.
  17. Kidzooona and its employees shall not be liable for accidents, injuries or losses that take place inside the facility. To maintain the security of the facility, the store staff may ask the customer to leave the premises for non-cooperation, unruly behavior, or failure to comply with kidzooona’s Rules and Regulations.
  18. All lost and found items will be dated and stored in our Lost and Found box and can be claimed within a period of 6 months. All unclaimed items will be sent to our head office for resale, with the proceeds to be used for our charity fund.
  19. All personal data is protected under Republic Act No. 10173 (the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”) and kidzooona’s data protection policies. Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. may use such data to inform the customer about additional benefits, news and promotions, but always with the customer’s consent. Personal data collected by kidzooona will not be disclosed to third parties, unless legally required.
  20. While Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. exercises due diligence to keep the premises of its facilities secure, everyone is enjoined to take care of their personal belongings within the facility. Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. shall not be liable to the customer for any loss, damage, cost or expenses suffered or incurred by the customer and arising from the customer’s use of the facilities, unless the same is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Aeon Fantasy’s employees or suppliers.